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And We’re Back

May 31, 2011

I went through a period of becoming somewhat prolific as a writer; the fruits of that often ending up on this site.  That mostly came to a screeching halt last July, when I decided to revive Diverging Clear Productions.

Diverging Clear had been dormant for several years due to a number of factors, and I had been considering the re-launch for some time before taking the plunge.

Suddenly the time I previously would have used for writing for “Along The Rails” was occupied by planning, shooting, writing and editing video and audio productions.  I set “Along The Rails” on the back burner, not wanting to use the blog as some form of shameless self-promotion.

Upon further review however, it seems to me that some of the projects I have been working on could prove to be fertile ground for “Along The Rails” without becoming little more than an overblown advertisement.

Recent trips have found me shooting steam in central Illinois and Tennessee, and more steam is in the immediate future.

Yes, I do believe that the two can not only co-exist, but can compliment.

Of course, if it drums up a little interest in a DVD or CD or two, I won’t complain.

Mary Rae McPherson

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